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ALP Aeroflex Insulation

Made in India – Made For the World

Aerocell - Anti Microbial Sheet with Aluminum Foil


Low thermal conductivity
Very high water vapour difussion resistance
Tested and approved by Warrington Fire, UK.
Ozone depleting substances are not used in the process and not present in the product.
Closed cell elastomeric Nitrile Insulation
Quick & easy to install with no special tools.
Self Adhesive feature
Suitable for indoor usage
Best for clean room applications
Superior thermal insulation properties
Prevents condensation
It meets Class 0 fire performance as per BS 476 PART 6 & 7
Good for Environment
No Microbial growth
No Fungus growth
Excellent compression strength
Less Manpower cost
Reduce time & cost of installation
Smooth surface and dirt free


Air Conditioning & Refregeration Industry Automobile Industry
Construction Industry
Pharma Industry
Hotel/Hospital & Cold storage Industry

PropertiesValue / Value RangeUOMStandard Applied
Density  (Kg/m³)50 ± 20 %Kg/m³ASTM D 1667
Thermal Conductivity (W/mk)= 0.036 W/mkW/mkASTM C-518
Mean Temp. (20°C)
Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance = 12000ASTM E 96
FlammabilityClass 0BS 476 PART 6 & 7
Ozone Depleting substances (CFC/HCFC)Not detectedGC-MS
Temp. Range-40° C to 105° C°C
Resistance to BacteriaAnti MicrobialASTM G 2180
Resistance to FungiAnti FungiASTM G 21
Resistance to oil & greaseVery Good – 
Closed Cell FoamYes 
Standard Width/Length  
Adhesive typeAcrylic-PSA 
Low VOCGreen Guard certified & Listed UL – Green Guard