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ALP Aeroflex Insulation

Made in India – Made For the World

Aeroflex - EPDM Sheet with Aluminum Foil & Release Paper


Low density,having low & stable K value
UV & Weather resistance
Non polar
Does not corrode copper tubing
Nitrosamine free in accordance to FDA norms
Closed cell elastomeric EPDM Insulation
Best for clean room applications
Self Adhesive feature
High energy saving & Superior thermal insulation properties
Free from cracking
Environment friendly
Excellent compression strength
Smooth surface & less dirt
Reduce time & cost of installation


Air Conditioning & Refregeration Industry
Automobile Industry
Construction Industry
Pharma Industry
Hotel/Hospital & Cold storage Industry

PropertiesValue / Value RangeUOMStandard Applied
Density48-80Kg/m3Kg/m³ASTM D 1667
Thermal Conductivity (W/mk)= 0.035 W/mkW/mkASTM C 177
Mean Temp. (24°C)
FlammabilityClass V-0UL 94
Class AASTM E 84
Water Vapor Permeability (g/Pa.s.m) ASTM E 96
UV Weather ResistanceVery GoodASTM G 154
Ozone ResistanceNo CrackASTM D 1149
Temp. Range-57° C to 125° C°C
Corrosion to Copper, Stainless SteelNon corrosiveDIN 1988
Nitrosamine ContentsNot Present U.S.FDA
Close Cell FoamYes 
Standard Width/LengthAs Per Packing Standard 
Adhesive typeAcrylic-PSA