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Insulation Tape & Accessories

Made in India – Made For the World


Polymer based material
Flexible , do not shrink & easy to use
Ideal for retarding heat gain in cold pipes
Preventing heat loss in hot pipes
Effective sound dampening material
Sticks on all types of dry surfaces
Seals tightly without drying
Helps stop condensation problem


Wrapping hot or cold pipings & fittings
Air Conditioners used in cars, homes, freezers & refrigerators.

PropertiesValue / Value RangeUOMStandard Applied
Density950 Kg/m³Kg/m³
OdourOnly slightly odour. Can be used without danger of contamination
Thermal Conductivity @ 24°C0.086 W/mkW/mk
Water Vapour transmission0.12X10-12 Kg/Pa-m-sKg/Pa-m-sASTM E 96
Water AbsorptionLess than 0.20 % by weight%ASTM D 1056
Ozone ResistanceGood
Temperature Range-29°C to 93°C°C
AdhesiveAcrylic PSA