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Insulation Tape & Accessories

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Glass Cloth Tape


Flexible , durable & easy to use
Visible looks good on glass cloth tube piping joints.
Glass Cloth fabric tape


Wrapping hot or cold pipings & fittings on glass cloth tube pipings
Chilled water pipings or refrigeration lines on glass cloth tube pipings


PropertiesValue / Value RangeUOMStandard Applied
Thickness0.18 ± 0.02 mmmm
GSM220 ± 10
No. of Warp40-45 Threads/InchThreads/Inch
No. of Weft28-33 Threads/InchThreads/Inch
Tensile Strength, Warp (kg/5cm)= 210 (kg/5cm)kg/5cm
Tensile Strength, Weft (kg/5cm)= 200 (kg/5cm)kg/5cm
FinishBlack Coated
Adhesive TypeAcrylic-PSA