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ALP Aeroflex Insulation

Made in India – Made For the World

Sound Proof Reflective Insulation


Low density,having low & stable K value
UV & Weather resistance
Non polar
Does not corrode copper tubing
Nitrosamine free in accordance to FDA norms
Closed cell elastomeric EPDM Insulation
Self Adhesive feature
High energy saving & Superior thermal insulation properties
Free from cracking
Environment friendly
Excellent compression strength
Reduce time & cost of installation


Commercial Spaces
Residential Buildings

PropertiesValue / Value RangeUOMStandard Applied
Nominal Thickness8 (± 1mm)mm
Packing Standard (WxL)1.2 × 40m
Service Temperature-40 to +110°C
Emissivity<12%ASTM C1371
Reflectivity>88%ASTM C1371/E903
Thermal Conductivity @20°C≤ 0.033W/mK
Thermal Resistance @20°C0.227/0.106m2 K/WASTM C423/ISO354
Noise reduction coefficient0.25
Water Vapor Diffusion resistance index≥12000ASTM E-96
Bleeding & Delamination TestPassASTM C1224
Fungal Resistance TestNo growthASTM G21
Ozone Depleting substances (CFC/HCFC)Not detectedGC-MS
Surface flame spreadClass 1BS-476 Part 7
Rate of burningPassHB (UL 94)
Practical fire behaviorSelf Extinguishing,does not dripASTM D635