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Paramount Insulation

Commanding leading demand in strategic sectors like refrigeration, air-conditioning, and cold duct insulation, Paramount’s range of products are built on the motto of ‘Think Green, Build Green, Use Green’.

S.No.PropertiesStandardTechnical Detailst
1Density kg/cum
Cell Structure
JIS K 676730 ± 3 Kg/ M3
Light Grey & also available in various
customized colours
2Services Temperature RangeUsing Climate Chamber-40 to 115˚ C
3Ozone / UV & Weather / Chemical
 Good / Excellent
4Thermal Conductivity at 0 / 23/ 46 deg CIS 3346/19800.032 /0.034 /0.038 W/m ºk
5Thermal Conductivity at 40 deg CIS 3346/19800.035 W/m ºk
6Assessment of horizontal burning characteristicsBS 47350.72
7Fire Retardant Test
Flammability Class-S4
Smoke density Class SR2
Dropping Class ST2
DIN-5510 (pt-2), 54837Self extinguishing

Non Dripping
8Smoke density testASTM D 2843-99Passed
9Heavy metals for ROHS (Pollution)Directive 2002/95/ECPassed
10Horizontal Flammability test for classifying materials 94 HBFUL-94Passed
11Horizontal Flammability test for Paramount FR XPEIS 15061-02Passed
12Fire Rating (Surface Spread of
Flame- plain material)
BS 476 Part 7Class-1
13Fire Rating (Fire Propagation
Index) – laminated with pure
aluminium foil on one side
BS 476 Part 6Class-0
14Oxygen IndexASTM D 286327.70%
15Insulation without aluminium foil Specific PermeabilityASTM D -1653Negligible
16Insulation without aluminium foil Water Vapour Permeability Water vapour resistance factor (μ)DIN EN ISO: 12572Negligible 12805 (Plain-without foil)
17Insulation with aluminium foil on one side. Water Vapour PermeabilityDIN EN ISO: 12572Negligible
18Water vapour resistance factor (μ) 17300 ( with AL foil)
19Thermal StabilityBS 2972/1989No visible signs of cracks and distortion
20Overall Migration TestIS 9845-1998Negligible effect of acids and alkalis
21Fungal Resistance TestASTM G-21Zero Rating (No growth observed)
22Bacteria Resistance TestASTM G 22No Bacteria growth observed
23Mold GrowthIS 3144: 1992No Mold growth observed
24Compression Set%
At 25% deflection
At 50% deflection
JIS K 676724.7%

25Dimensional Changes %
Machine direction
Cross direction
JIS K 6767
(-) 0.2
(-) 0.1
26Tear Strength kg/cm2
Machine direction
Cross direction
JIS K 6767
27Compressive Strength, Kpa
At 25% deflection
At 50% deflection
ASTM D 3575
28Tensile Strength kg/cm2
Machine direction
Cross direction
Machine direction
Cross direction
JIS K 67672.4

29Absorption Coefficient FR XPU 9 + 5 mmIS 8225-19870.2
30Absorption Coefficient FR XPU 15 + 5 mmIS 8225-19870.3
31Absorption Coefficient FR XPU 20 + 5 mmIS 8225-19870.3
32Absorption Coefficient FR XPU 25 + 5 mmIS 8225-19870.45
3390 deg peeling adhesion strength g/mm2ISO 36 (2005)747
34Toxicity IndexNCD 14091.90 (Individual concentration of gases mostly either nil or well below the prescribed limit.
35Smoke DensityASTM D 2843-99Passed
36FlammabilityISO 3795Passed